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How can i make my nipples erect?
i am a male, i know how to make my nipples erect but they arent very big how can i make them erect larger?
Does hearing a baby cry make your nipples erect?
Male and females?
**** you
How do I make my boobs or nipples erect?
For some reason this has come up a lot but I've never expierenced having my nipples or/and boobs or watevr hard and pokey. Anybody no how i can do this myself?
As long as you don't have inverted nipples, an ice cube should do the trick.
My nipples are erect what can i do to make them unnoticable?
about a month ago my boyfriend and i engaged in sexual play and he grabbed my nipples and twisted ut them. since then they have been erect and the dont hurt but they are erect. i don't know if nipple erection is normal. is there anthing i can do to make them go down
Why make them go down? Guys love the look of them poking out of your tops. I love to have mine nice and hard!

Does piercing you're nipples make them permanently erect?
i have a nipple condition i have had since i was a boy now im 30 i still ave it i have no body fat and am very athletic but i have squashy nipples which mate it look like i am carrying weigh there when i am not . but when my nipples get erect they look normal . so apparently if i get nipple bars it will resolve this problem. like i said i am very fit and no amount of exercise will get rid of them. its just the way i am.
I have both of mine done, mine do not stay erect. But they erect much easier now than without them. When I first go them they were hard for about two weeks straight probably because of the pressure of them healing.
What makes a ladies nipples erect when it is 100 degrees outsi?
Does it mean anything when a male relative pulls up in a car and the ladies nipples become erect at 100 degree air temp.
Yes. . it means that they are happry to see him.
Are my nipples too small to get pierced, and will they stay erect?
I am a guy who has very tiny nipples, although NOT inverted. Are my nipples too small to pierce, and if so, will they have a higher chance of ripping? Also, unfortunately my areolas are rather big, no larger then a quarter, when soft. On the other hand, the ariolas appear much smaller and better looking when hard, so will having my nipple pierced make them stay erect/hard?
I doubt that your nipples are too small to pierce. It is possible that they are too small, but I cannot tell you without seeing them. I have never come across nipples that were too small to pierce, and I've been piercing for 3 years. You do run a risk of ripping them out if they are pierced too shallow. Getting it pierced will not exactly make it hard, but it will make it "stick out" more, if you know what I mean.

On a related note, on men, a nipple piercing can "enlarge" your nipple. I've seen men who had only one nipple pierced, and the one got bigger over time.
Is there any way I can make my nipples stick out more?
I have really flat nipples. they aren't inverted but they are just about pointless.
and my areolas are really pale but quite big.
the whole of my boobs look horrible unless my nipples are erect. Is there any way to make them stay out? apart from being cold? and not really to fond of the surgery idea.
I've heard of something called sweater pumpers that are supposed to help.. I have no idea what they are though.. :/
please help me. much love xxx
Have a guy they will darken

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