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Masturbation tools?
Right now i have this 10 inch (only 7 inches goes in) rounded sharpie marker and i use it to masturbate. What other household objects can i use?

To get better results you can use your electric tooth brush as tool.

Enjoy Life
What are some good masturbation tools?
i am a girl. i need some good household masturbation tools. dont say use toys, im 12. i used to use a vibrating bak massager and could get o's, but it broke. What should i do? i wanna feel that pleasure again.
the best thing is the shower head, slide your body under the shower head and it feels really good, and i use my fingers, sorry tmi, but i use one finger for rubbing the clit and one for inside, do both fingers and it feels really good, sometimes the toys give me an orgasm to fast for me to enjoy
Masturbation Tools??
No faucet, no food and no telling me to buy a vibe/dildo. Just stuff you can find round the house :) Thanks
try deodrant cans or spray cans anything thats the right sort of shape but put a condom on it so you dont get an infection
What are some good masturbation tools I can use around the house?
I am 14 and I know I have to be careful to keep everything sanitary. I just keep getting horny and need some help.
Vibrator, Dildo, Electric tooth brush, Cucumber, Massager, Hand Shower, Pillow.
Some homemade masturbation tools for girls?
Anything around the house... I don't want to insert anything inside me though. And no food! Anything that vibrates besides a phone or electric toothbrush. Anything to rub against??? Or techniques of rubbing. W/e. Just help me out and FAST!
Detachable shower heads really do it for some women, just set it to pulse and hold it down there. Also, if you don't mind spending a little money, you can always buy a personal massager. These are sold everywhere and aren't packaged as a sex toy which helps with embarrassment at the checkout.
Homemade masturbation tools for girls?
parents out for the night.... time to have some FUN!!!! :D what are some masturbation tools found around the house??? dont want to insert anything tho.
The best orgasms come from clitoral insertion needed. Does your dad have an elec shaver?? Put it on the clitoris...and be prepared.
Masturbation tools for girls?
I'm not old enough to buy sex toys and im tired of using my fingers. I'm in a long distance relationship so I don't get to see my bf everyday like I use to and it's driving me crazy. Hah what are some good house hold tools for masturbation. I'm lookin for something that it's somewhat thick and long just like a penis. But not ridiculous like a soda can or something. Thanks(:
This is hilarious but the entire cheerleading squad in my high school used "paul mitchell super skinny serum" bottles as dildos. It became a giant ongoing inside joke. Not guyding it's actually the perfect shape and size to feel like the perfect penis. Hahaha. It's plastic and therefor sanitary and easy to clean. You should try it. Not even guyding. Lol

And what we used to do is empty out all the serum and fill it with hot water so it actually felt like the real thing. I know, we were such hornballs. lol. ALSO DON'T USE A CARVED VEGETABLE. It is porous, can carry germs and even cut the you up!

** It's bigger in real life than the picture of course. btw.Hah
Any ideas for tools or techniques for masturbation girls?
Household items to use, but not inserting anything. Techniques??? For a teen girl.
Use the showerhead on you clit... Amazing ;)
I know you don't want to insert anything, but just because of the above post - never insert anything like pens. It's unhygenic and just not that safe.
Have fun ;)
So any good masturbation tools outhtere for guys?
any tools, techiques, hosehold items?

PS im a guy
Your imagination will work for anything. Experiement.
Any homemade masturbation tools i can make?
any easy masturbadion tools that i can make
Cut a hole in a cantaloupe and pop that sucker in the microwave.

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